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Using Artificial Intelligence in online education CTV News 2020-03-19

New air aware guidelines alert you when it is too smoky to play outside.  Edmonton Journal (video) 2018-08-16

Alberta’s energy industry has a bright future.  CBC News  2018-02-12

RASAC creates air quality policy for soccer leagues.  CBC News  2017-07-20

How do they get the oil out of oilsands?  CBC Video  2014-06-17

This is a must for those wanting to see a simple table-top demonstration of how to separate bitumen from sand, water and clay of the oil sands – our Richard Dixon shows the CBC’s Briar Stewart how it’s done.

So what’s The Big Thing about the Carbon Bubble?  Global News  2014-03-31

Are railways to blame for drop in grain deliveries?  Global News  2014-02-03

Alberta – BC’s framework: the Feds should wait on Northern Gateway.  Global News 2013-11-06

Senate report on pipelines not as comprehensive as needed, especially on safety.  Global News 2013-08-23